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Bjoka Gewog lies in the south-east part of the Zhemgang Dzongkhag Administration covering an area of 196 sq. km. The Gewog is also considered as one of the remotest and far-flung under Dzongkhag Administration and Drungkhag Administration respectively.The Gewog is administered from the Gewog Centre established at Kamalung Village, which is Thirty One Kilo meter away from the Drungkhag Administration,Panbang and roughly about 147 km from the Dzongkhag Headquarter (on connecting the Gewog Centre with GC road).The Gewog lies at an elevation ranging from 150m (Zarkabla village) to 1600m (Yunling village) above the sea level. The Gewog consist of five chewogs namely Trong, Dali, Barpong, Chapdemba, Kamati with 170 households with the approximate population of 1879 including both male and female. The development infrastructure in the Gewog includes a RNR centre, a Beat office, a Community Centre, a farm shop, two health centres, ORCs, community primary schools and farm roads. Over 98 percent of the populations have access to safe drinking water.

There are approximately 58.268 acres of registered wet land and about 1438.325 acres of registered dry land till date.

The Gewog shares its boundary with Ngangla and Goshing Gewog to the west, Bardho Gewog to the north and Mongar Dzongkhag to the east. The Gewog is popular for cane and bamboo handicrafts and is the major cash income sources besides mandarin and potato. In addition, the people also raise cattle and horses in order to generate cash income for their livelihood.


Bjoka Gewog

  • Total Area (sq. KM):196
  • Altitude Range (M):250-1550 masl
  • Total Population:1,710
  • Total Village:6
  • Total Road (KM):0
  • Total Household:170
  • Population

    Population Figure (Data Source)                   1710As per Census Book(2012)

    Total number of male                                     867 

    Total number of female                                  843 

    Total number of households                          170                                                                                    137 households & 33 Sub household as of now

    Area (sq. km)                                                 196 


    RNR Center                                                    1              Located at Trong Chiwog, staff -2

    Agriculture Extension Center                          0 

    Livestock Extension Center                            0 

    National Park                                                  0 

    Territorial forest offices (Divisional,Range,Beat)         1           Located at Trong Chiwog, staff -2

    Number of Cooperatives/farmers' Groups       1                                                                                       Bjoka Tsarzo Gongphel Tshogpa (Registered as cooperative with DAMC) in 4th April 2012

    Irrigation Schemes  

    Total number of Irrigation schemes (No.)           3         Zemari,Dali & Chapdenba Under Constrution

    Total lengths of Irrigation Schemes (km)           4.5 Km 


    Number of Basic Health Units                              2                                                                  Including Barpong Sub post and staff-5, 3 HAs and 2 caretaker 

    Number of Out Reach Clinics (with shed)            2            Dali & Kamiti


    Net Enrollement                                                  100 

    Extended Classrooms                                         0 

    Community pry schools                                       2    Bjoka CPS and Barpong CPS and teachers-

    Lower secondary schools                                   0 

    Middle secondary schools                                  0 

    Non-formal Education Centers                           1 

    Total number of Male students in two CPS          95                                                                            79 in Bjoka CPS & 16 in Barpong CPS

    Total number of Female students in two CPS       72                                                                                   57 in Bjoka CPS & 15 in Barpong CPS

    Total number of students in two Schools             167                                                                            136 in Bjoka CPS & 31 in Barpong CPS

    Number of NFE Learners                                       8 

    Number of teachers8contract base 3 & permanent       5

    Local Governments  

    Number of Chiwogs                      5                                                                                                      1. Bjoka Trong
    2. Kamati
    3. Dali
    4. Barpong
    5. Chapdenpa

    Number of Villages (no. of gungs)   132 Gung & 33 Sub Gung & Total-170 Gungs  i. Bjoka Trong (40), ii. Kamati(24), iii. Dali(32), iv.Barpong(25) and v. Chapdenpa (16)

    Number of Gewog Tshogde members               7 

    1. Gup- Tshering Wangchu  

    2. Mangmi-Choephel  

    3. Bjoka-Trong Tshogpa- Sangay Penjor  

    4. Barpong- Namirgang Tshogpa- Leki Dhendup  

    5. Chabdempa-Zakabla Tshogpa- Duba  

    6. Dali Tshogpa- Jampel Tshering  

    7. Kamati Tshogpa- Sonam Wangdi  

    Number of female GT members                    0 

    Number of Multi Purpose Halls                     1           Trong

    Number of CICs/Community Center             1 


    Number of Households electrified                78                    electrified in the Year mid of 2014

    Number of villages electrified                       33                    Chiwogs only  

    Electricity coverage                                      78                    hhs 

    Water and Sanitation   

    Rural Water Supply Scheme coverage        96 

    Number of households with toilets               137 


     Mobile network coverage                             90 

    Roads & Bridges  

    Gewog Road1 Nishokazam-Bjoka Trong               (30.8 km)

    Farm Road                                         1             Under construction

    Number of Suspension Bridges         1               under construction

    Religion and Culture   

    Number of government owned lhakhangs/Gendhey/Rabdhey            0

    Number of community owned lhakhangs /Gendheny                          8                                            Pramaling Lhakhang,  Dali Lhakhang,  Barpong Lhakhang, Kamati Lhakhang, Remadhu     Lhakhang,Bjoka Trong Lhakhang & Namergang Lhakhang,Chapdenba Lhakhang

    Number of Dungkhor                                     1                  Barihung Dungkhor

    Number of private lhakhangs /Gendhey        2                  Dalabi Lhakhang & Kumari Lhakhang


    Forest Cover (% of land area)                      87 

    Trade, Industry and Commerce (in operation as of 30th Oct, 2012)

    Trade and Industries  

                Micro & retail trade licenses issued                   17 

                Micro & retail trade licenses in operation           9 

                Wholesale licenses issued                                 0 

                Wholesale licenses in operation                         0 

                Services licenses issued                                     7 

                Services licenses in operation                            4 

                Manufacturing licenses issued                            0 

                Manufacturing licenses in operation                    0 


No institutions in this Gewog.



No tourist destinations in this Gewog.