Bardo Gewog is one of the remotest Gewogs of the Dzongkhag. It shares its boundary with six other Gewogs of the Dzongkhag and two Gewogs of Mongar Dzongkhag: Silambi and Saleng Gewog. The Gewog is dissected by steep slopes, deep gorges and narrow valleys. Extreme altitudinal variations have given the Gewog temperature and sub-tropical climatic conditions with annual rainfall of 1350 mm which peaks up in the month of July and August. Agriculture and Livestock are the main source of livelihood for the people. They cultivate not only on wet and dry land but Tseri (slash and burn cultivation) is a dominant agricultural practice. The Gewog is administrated from the Gewog Centre established in Khomshar village which is approximately 132 km from the Dzongkhag Headquarter. The Gewog has a total area of 210 sq. km with elevation ranging from 200 meters to 4000 meters above sea level.

Gewog Information:

  • Number of Chiwogs: 5
  • Population:1734 (PHCB, 2017)
  • Male: 931 (PHCB, 2017)
  • Female: 803 (PHCB, 2017)
  • Households: 388
  • Gungtongs: 45
  • Total Land  Area (sq. KM): 210
  • Altitude Range (M):200 meters to 4000 meters abov
  • Total Village: 19

Gewog infrastructure

  1. Distance (in KM) from Dzongkhag HQ: 132 kms.
  2. GC connected with blacktopped road (yes/no): No
  3. Access to electricity (number of households electrified): 341 (PHCP, 2017)
  4. Access to telecom service (2G/3G/4G/no): With the help of 3G installation in Thajong Village under Shingkhar Gewog partly, Bardo, Khomshar, Langdurbi and Phulabi Chiwogs are somewhat connected but the connection is very weak. Whereas, Digala Chiwog is connected with 2G. In overview, none of the Villages under Bardo Gewog is connected with 3G service.
  5. Access to safe drinking water (coverage by %):97.7% (PHCB, 2017)

Public Service

1. RNR

  • Number of RNR centres: 1No.
  • Number of irrigation channel by scheme: Nil
  • Number of farm shops: 1No.
  • Number of farm machineries (tractors/power tillers, etc): 5 Nos.
  • Number of vegetables shed: Nil
  • Number of villages with electric fencing:2
  • Number of greenhouse facilities installed:4
  • Number of water reservation tanks installed: Nil

2. Education Services

  1. Number of college/Tertiary institutes: Nil
  2. Total number of schools
  • Central school: Nil
  • Higher Secondary school: Nil
  • Middle Secondary school: Nil
  • Lower Secondary School: Nil
  • Primary school: 4 Nos.
  • Private schools: 0
  1. Number of ECR:0
  2. Number of ECCD/ Day care centres: 4 Nos.
  3. Number of NFE Learning centres: 2 Nos.

3. Health Services

  • Number of Hospitals: Nil
  • Number of BHU: 2
  • Number of Doctors: nil
  • Number Out Reach Clinics: 3
  • Number of health workers: 4

4. Community Services

  1. Number of community centres (CCs): 1
  2. Number of virtual Zomdu facility: nil
  3. Other services
  • Bhutan Post: Nil
  • Banking: Nil
  • Insurance: Nil
  • Insurance: Nil
  • Fuel depot: 1

5. Religious Monuments and Cultural heritages:

  1. Total number of Dratshang/ Lhakhangs
  • Govt. owned Dratshang/ Lhakhang:0
  • Community Lhakhang:7
  • Private Lhakhang:7
  1. Number of Chortens:
  2. Number of pilgrimage sites (neys): 2
  3. Other (specify):

Chiwog at a glance (Bardo)

1. Number of villages: 4

2. Number of households not connected with:

  • Electricity: nil
  • Telecommunication: Connected but weak  3G internet service.
  • TV: No connection at all.
  • Tapped water: Nil
  • Road: nil
  • 3. Number of villages without
  • school: nil
  • BHU/ORC: nil

Chiwog at a glance (Khomshar)

1. Number of villages: 8

2. Number of households not connected with:

  • Electricity: 4
  • Telecommunication: connected but weak internet service.
  • TV: No TV line.
  • Tapped water: 20
  • Road: 1
  • Number of villages without:
  • school: nil
  • BHU/ORC:nil

Chiwog at a glance (Phulabi)

1. Number of villages: 2

2. Number of households not connected with:

  • Electricity:  1
  • Telecommunication: Connected but weak 3G internet service.
  • TV: No TV Connection.
  • Tapped water: 6
  • Road: 3 Villages in total.(Phulabi, Lamdi and Zilingbi)
  • Number of villages without
  • School: No School.
  • BHU/ORC: No BHU and No ORC shed. Medical Official uses private house.

Chiwog at a glance (Langdurbi)

1. Number of villages: 3

2. Number of households not connected with:

  • Electricity: Nil
  • Telecommunication: 45 (Maximum numbers of household under Langdorbi Chiwog face the problem in connection to telecom service)
  • TV: No connection
  • Tapped water: Nil
  • Road: No road in Chiwog as of now. Therefore, villages are not connected as well.
  • Number of villages without
  • school: nil
  • BHU/ORC: nil

Chiwog at a glance (Digala)

1. Number of villages: 2

2. Number of households not connected with:

  • Electricity: Nil
  • Telecommunication: connected
  • TV: No connection
  • Tapped water: Nil
  • Road: 1
  • Number of villages without
  • school: Nil

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Religious and other Attractive Sites and Tshechus.

Festivals               Month                   Village

Kath                       October                  Khomshar

Sakharam              May                        Khomshar

Ahoi                       September             Khomshar

Tsechu                    December             Khomshar,Bardho

Bahu                       November             Khomshar

Karphu                    May                       Digala,Langdurbi

Yue                         August                   Digala, langdurbi

Tshechu                 October                  Digala,Langdurbi

Kath                       August                   Digala,Langdurbi

Gewog-wise GT members by sex (2017)

Bardo                     Male       Female   Total

Gewog                   6              1              7             

Political                                                                Number

Polling Station (2018)                                            05

Eligible voters                                                       16113

                Male                                                       8013

                Female                                                   8120

Source: Dzongkhag Election Office    

Staff strength under Bardo Gewog Administration.

                Regular                  14                           

                Male                       13                           

                Female                   01                           


                Male                       10                           

                Female                   1                             

Contract Teacher                  09                           

                Male                       08                           

                Female                   01                           

Total male                             56                           

Total female                          14                           

Total                                       70                           

Education                                                   Number

School                                                             04

Extended Class Room                                    0

NFE centre                                                     3

ECCD                                                            04

Net Enrolment Rate                                             -

Literacy rate (BLSS )                                            -

Total enrolment and teaching staff by level of school

Level                                      Students             257

                                                Teachers            30

                                                Community PS    04

Number of students by sex

                              Boys       Girls                       Total

School                    171          142                          313

NFE                         -               -

ECCD                     38             31                            39          

Health                                                    Number/Percent

Basic Health Unit II                                              02

Out-Reach Clinic                                                  3

Sanitation coverage                                             92

Safe drinking water coverage                              98

Source: Dzongkhag Health Office

Cultivated Agricultural Area (2010)                     Acres

Wetland                                                                  365.017

Dry land                                                                  3432.166

khimsa                                                                    77.157

Total                                                                        3874.34

Source: as per new lag thram, 2015

Renewable Natural Resources                         Number

RNR centre                                                           01

Agriculture Extension Centre                                01

Livestock Extension Centre                                  01

Veterinary Hospital                                                Nil

Irrigation Channel (km)                                           -

Range Office                                                          00

Beat Office                                                             02                                                                                           

Agriculture                                           Registered  

Farmers group                                        00                           

As of 2018


Number of cooperatives                                               nil

Number of community forest                                        03

Total area under community forest (acres)                   687.445

Community forest members (hhs)                               147            

Number of registered Pvt. forest                                    -              

Total area under pvt. forest (acres)                                -                              

Source: Khomshar Range Office


Chiwogs with telephone connection                  00

Chiwogs with mobile phone connection            05

Village with mobile phone connection               All

CIC                                                                   01

As of May,2018

Farm and feeder roads

Farm road (km)                                       28  kms.

Gewog Center (GC) Road (km)             132 kms from Dzongkhag admin.

Total GC & Farm Road (km)                   28+132=160 kms.

Chiwog with road connection                 03

Feeder road (km)                                                 -                                              

As of June 2018

Religion and Culture                                  Number

Govt. Lhakhangs                                                  Nil

Community Lhakhangs                                        06

Pvt. Lhakhangs                                                    08           

Total Lhakhangs                                                  14

Chortens                                                               -              

Dratshang                                                           01           

Shedra                                                                nil

Gomdhey                                                           02

Source: (Choig Thsogpas)

Power                                                         Number

Rural Household electrified                              315

Rural electrification coverage                           95%

Chiogs electrified                                                05           

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