Self-reliance in livestock products and enhancement of socio-economic well being of Khengrig Namsum through enhanced domestic livestock production.


To enhance livestock productivity through organized production (formation of different livestock Co-operative and Groups), small enterprise development, value chain development and assured marketing facilities for sustainability.


  • To enhance food and nutrition security.
  • To generate employment opportunities and increase rural cash income.
  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery


  • Seek sound policies and legal frame works for the effective implementation of activities at the field level.
  • Develop strategies and guidelines to ensure effective delivery of services thereby enhancing livestock production at the dzongkhag level.
  • Build and enhance human resource capacity of all levels for efficient service delivery
  • Encourage youths and private sector involvement in livestock enterprise development.
  • Plan, co-ordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of livestock development programs
  • Liaise with research and development of livestock commodities for fund support and promising technologies
  • Ensure sustainable utilization and management of livestock resources
  1. Infrastructure and Land 1
  2. Staffs Strength of the Sector:









Pertaining Issues for Sector:

  • Veterinary ambulance for effective service delivery.
  • Lack of compensation guideline for Animals died during transportation.
  • Marketing of Livestock products. (who’s responsible DAMC or DoL)
  • Lack of Knowledge on diversification of products (dairy technician for every dzongkhag).
  • Buy back price of FCBL  (on what basis it was set)
  • HRD for the Field staffs
  • Rabies control program (lead agency should it be RLDC or Dzongkhag) how can we implement in a better manner for fruitful result.
  • Staff Transfer  (staffs working in same place for more than five years)



Way Forward:

  • In order to meet the eggs for three eggs per child per week, sector is in the process of establishing one commercial layer farm in each Gewogs.
  • To sustain the piglet requirement of our farmers, more private pig breeding will be established.
  • Product development for all the livestock products will be emphasized as the top priority.
  • Encourage and create awareness on group marketing to ease the market problem.
  • Explore niche products like smoke dry fish, Local bee honey for income generation
  • Explore for the extension of area for capture fishery.