17 February 2022

Closing Ceremony of a month long tailoring training, 16th February, 2022



A month long basic tailoring training ended yesterday on 16th February, 2022. The closing ceremony was graced by Dasho Dzongdag as the chief guest with offtg. Dzongrab, Chief DE and principal of TLSS. A comprehensive report was presented by the instructor/trainer on the training course and on outcome of the training.A total of 18 individuals participated in the training and were very happy to having received such opportunity. Few of the them also shared their learning experiences and knowledge received from the training. It was learnt that few of them are already joining as an intern with a tailoring shop to further enhance their skill and expressed to start a business.


During the closing remarks by Dasho, he congratulated the participants for their successful completion of the training and also highlighted the importance on need for such skill development as it reduces our dependency on foreign labors and secondly, empowering rural people through local employment generation enhancing economy. The participants also prepared a small exhibition of their works. On addition to wonju, tego and kira, the participant learned to stitch hook kira and also to stitch wonju and tego together.