Livestock Sector:

Brief Background:

The Dzongkhag Livestock Sector is technically accountable to backup RNR centres in line to Central Units and other agencies for discharging livestock related development activities. The sector implements the activities as per AWP in the Dzongkhag and conducts monitoring and evaluation of livestock
activities in the Gewogs. The staff strength stands to 17 with Dy.Chief Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, Asst. DLO and Production Officer at Dz. Hq level; Veterinary Officer, Laboratory Technician, AI Technician and Health Supervisor at Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital and 8 Livestock Production Supervisors in Gewogs.

1.1 Vision, Mission, Objectives and Mandates:

Self-reliance in livestock products and enhancement of socio-economic well-being of Khengrig Namsum
through enhanced domestic livestock production.

To enhance livestock productivity through organized production (formation of different livestock Co-
operative and Groups), small enterprise development, value chain development and assured marketing
facilities for sustainability.


• To enhance food and nutrition security.
• To generate employment opportunities and increase rural cash income.
• To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery


 Seek sound policies and legal frame works for the effective implementation of activities at the
field level.
 Develop strategies and guidelines to ensure effective delivery of services thereby enhancing
livestock production at the dzongkhag level.
 Build and enhance human resource capacity of all levels for efficient service delivery
 Encourage youths and private sector involvement in livestock enterprise development.
 Plan, co-ordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of livestock development programs
 Liaise with research and development of livestock commodities for fund support and promising
 Ensure sustainable utilization and management of livestock resources

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