ICT Cluster Unit


  1. Ensure internet connectivity in all the Gewogs, Government office, Hospitals and PHC, Schools and institutions within the Dzongkhag
  2. Design, Develop, Review  and Upload contents in Dzongkhag Website and Dzongkhag Facebook page
  3. Troubleshooting and Rectifying the issues of ICT hardware and software
  4. Installation of OS to newly procured laptop
  5. Provide technical specification and verification of ICT equipment before procuring and surrendering
  6. Provide estimation for Local Area Network setup in government agencies within the Dzongkhag
  7. Setting up online conference and projectors during meetings
  8. Informing and raising online ticket to BPC fiber team during fiber breakage or fiber problem
  9. Informing and raising online ticket to Internet Service Provider (ISP) during network disruption
  10. Promote Digital literacy