Dzongkhag Education Sector under the Ministry of Education is responsible in implementing educational plans and policies leading towards knowledge-based GNH society. It is mandated to provide equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for all through provision of the necessary learning space and opportunity to harness their full potential as productive citizens. The Ministry of Education in general prepares the young women and men with appropriate knowledge, skills and values to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

The Education Sector is  presently  focused on achieving the following objectives:

  1. To improve Quality of education
  2. To provide conducive learning environment in schools
  3. To enhance adult literacy and lifelong learning
  4. To accelerate STEM and ICTization in schools.
  5. To ensure effective utilization of budget
  6. Follow Service Delivery Standards to provide better services.

Statistics of Schools under Dzongkhag Education Sector              Level of Schools                               Name of Schools

1                     HSS                                                    Buli HSS, Sonamthang CS, Zhemgang CS

2                     MSS                                                    Yebilaptsa CS

2                      PS                                                      Bardo PS, Bjoka PS, Budashi PS, Goshing PS, Goling PS, Gomphu LSS,

                                                                                   Kagtong PS, Khomshar PS, Langdurbi PS, Panbang PS, Pantang PS, Shingkhar PS,

                                                                                   Tashibi PS, Tingtibi PS, Tsaidang PS, Zhemgang PS

3                     ECRs (Extended Classroom)               Barpong ECR, Digala ECR, Duenmang ECR, Kikhar ECR, Nimshong ECR,

                                                                                    Tradijong ECR, Tsanglajong ECR, Thrisa ECR, Repati ECR


Statistics of Students and Teachers under Dzongkhag Education Sector                          Level of Schools                       Total students

1                                HSS                                           1656

2                                MSS                                           392

3                                PS & ECR                                  2297

Total                                                                             4345

Teachers                                                                      364


In addition, the Dzongkhag has 22 ECCD centers, 14 NFE centers, 3 Community learning Centers, and 1 Youth Centre.

 Education Sector Plans

1.Consolidation of ECRS to the nearest boarding primary schools with less than 10 students.

2.Consolidate smaller primary schools to a big primary school in the Gewog.

3.Establish Mobile ECCD centers and Home-based Intervention to promote ECCD programs and provide accessibility to all children below 3 years.

4.Upscale Adult literacy programs

5.Competency building in teachers through evidence-based Action Research Culture

6.Work towards providing ICT facilities in schools.