14 June 2021

ECCD and SEN division with financial assistance from UNICEF supplied Home Based Play Materials for deprived children for 2.5 yrs – 5.5 yrs of ages (children residing farther away from ECCD centres) in Zhemgang Dzongkhag. This is aimed to helping children to keep themselves occupied and learn through meaningful play during the lockdown. Dzongkhag Education Sector, Zhemgang facilitated the identification of remote communities and distribution of play materials to the children.  The use of play materials and how to help their children during the play were demonstrated to the parents/guardians.

100 such sets of play materials worth about Nu.2000/- each, has been distributed to remote communities viz. Dunmang, Tshaildang, Buli Gonpa, Tali, Kikhar, Wangdigang and Krasbee Pam in upper Kheng and in remote villages (Dali, Kamati, Dalibi and Rimadu ) in Bjoka and Yumdang in Ngangla.







(From Education Sector)