26 May 2023

A Stakeholder Consultation meeting was convened by the Dzongkhag Livestock sector on 25th May 2023 in DT hall; to elicit the views of the stakeholder on the Livestock Bill of 2023. The meeting was chaired by Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongkhag Administration, Zhemgang where 25 participants comprising from Local Government, sector heads, Regional heads, BAFRA, Thromdey Thuemi and Gewog Livestock Extension Officials took part in the meeting.


Deputy Chief Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, welcomed the participants and emphasized that such move initiated by the Department is timely; given the importance of livestock in the lives and livelihood of rural populace to transform the livestock production system in the sector. He also, highlighted that partners involving multi stakeholders are essential mechanism to facilitate in providing feedbacks that propel the fruition of good Livestock Act of Bhutan.


The meeting was specifically, aimed to improve the current Livestock Bill proposal outline by:

  1. Specifying which elements or clause are of highest priority for Enactment
  2. Identifying missing elements that must be included or harmonize with other relevant organizations for it to best serve the Department
  3. Provide feedback to strengthen the proposed approach and framework and
  4. To identify the interests of key national actors/Regulatory Authority in different work packages.