01 November 2021

Coiciding with 13th Coronation anniversary of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo, the Dzongkhag Administration coordinated Riwo-Sangchoed (Smoke Fire offering) and hoisted 108 prayer flags imprinted with His Majesty's Zhabten at Gompung Dueduel Namgyel gang Choeten, Zhemgang.

The Riwo Sangchoed was performed by the monks of Rabdhey Dratshang  presided over by the Ven. Lam Neten.

The hoisting of 108 prayer flags is carried out with the help of DeSuups, Sector and Regional heads and other particpants. Each prayer flags has 13 pictures of Zhabten (13 par) symbolizing the 13 glorious year under His Majesty's reign with continued happiness and  prosperity.

The thruesoel rabney of the prayer flags were carried on by the Ven. Lam Neten.

The Riwo Sangchoed and prayer flags hoisting programme were conducted with financial support from the staff of Dzongkhag Administration, Regional Offices, RBP personals and other benevolent patrons.